Top Wedding Cake Trends of 2020

As the year draws to a close, we’ve decided to list the top wedding cake trends of 2020 for all our couples looking into the year ahead. Many of these designs have made an appearance in 2019 and will only gain momentum over the next year.

Contemporary Wedding Cake Trio

Contemporary Wedding Cakes

This wedding cake trend is a stark contrast to the naked wedding cakes of the past. We’ve found that our creative couples are gravitating to wedding cakes that make a statement. These wedding cakes are all about the details with clean lines and innovative detailing to create a true piece of artwork. The icing on these contemporary cakes is what really makes all the difference.

White Contemporary Wedding Cake

Wedding Cakes with Pressed Flowers

If you haven’t heard of Loria Stern, we’re here to fill you in on our new favorite trend. Loria Stern was the first baker to incorporate pressed flowers in her creations and now, there are endless recreations of her designs. Pressed flowers are making their appearance in everything from wedding cakes to cookies. Using pressed flowers not only creates a truly one-of-a-kind wedding cake, but it is such a modern and fresh approach that it will leave all your wedding guests in awe.

Loria Stern

Hand Painted Wedding Cakes

For the couples that are looking for a twist on a classic wedding cake, we are opting for hand painted cakes in 2020. This is a new trend that subtly adds color to your wedding cake and creates depth without going overboard on design. We recommend using a hand painted floral design that pairs with your overall floral design is an easy way to create a cohesive design. 

Vanilla Bake Shop

Vegan Wedding Cakes

We love that our couples have so many options when it comes to finding vegan wedding cakes.

One of our favorite Los Angeles based cake bakeries, Top Tier Treats, offers a large selection of vegan cake flavors. Owners Jamaica and James opened Top Tier Treats back in 2005. Since then Jamaica has picked up her signature touch of adding fresh flowers to her cake creations. The reason for her passion for fresh flowers? She says, “I feel it adds a fresh, organic feel to the cake. We don’t do a sugary, sweet style, so why add sugary, sweet flowers? It makes more sense to me. There’s nothing more beautiful than the real thing.” Top Tier Treats offers both conventional and vegan cake options. Regardless of which option you choose they always produce the most delicious creations.

Top Tier Treats

Innovative Cake Flavors

In 2020, we suspect we’ll see more couples selecting innovative cake flavors. There has been a shift away from traditional flavors like vanilla and strawberry to new unexpected flavors. Flavors like pistachio and pink rose. Even flavors like Green Tea and Earl Grey are making their appearance in wedding cakes! Be sure to try some unexpected flavors at your scheduled cake tasting – we promise you won’t regret it.

Whether you love staying ahead of the trends or you are looking for a more unique approach to wedding cakes, we always suggest staying true to your own personal style. Your wedding should always feel personal to you both as a couple. Even if that means forgoing the cake altogether and choosing an alternative. Something like a doughnut or a cheese display if that’s more your style.

The Top 2020 Wedding Cake Trends
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