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Preowned wedding dresses are becoming more popular now that brides recognize the environmental impact of single-use fashion. Aly Faucett, the brains behind Rebridal, recognized the need to be more sustainable, even on your wedding day. That is where Rebridal was born, and we’re so excited to showcase the work that Aly is doing to change the bridal fashion industry, one preloved dress at a time. Follow along below as we get to know Aly and the story behind how Rebridal came to be!

Preowned Monique Lhuillier Wedding Dress
A Rebridal, Monique Lhuillier Wedding Dress

How did Rebridal come to be? Give us a little backstory on your brand.

I watched “Say Yes to the Dress” on TV one night while packing for a trip. My boyfriend came into the room and exclaimed, “$2000 for a dress you wear once?!” I told him that’s simply how much dresses cost. And if you come into a bridal salon with a budget any tighter, your choices are vastly limited. Around this same time, I began consciously trying to live more sustainably and started shopping for clothes through online thrift stores. I wondered if there was an online thrift store for wedding dresses. There wasn’t, so I created one!

I know there is no better model for secondhand fashion than a quality item that has been worn once.

What sets you apart from other wedding dress providers?

Wedding dress marketplaces operate directly from the seller to the buyer. Which can feel risky and uneventful for a purchase that can carry a lot of meaning and emotion. With Rebridal, we strive to offer a meaningful bridal experience. From the moment you visit our website, to when you open the package and beyond by providing returns if the dress doesn’t work out.

For those trying to sell their wedding dress, there are no advertising fees, no back-and-forth with potential buyers, and no need to monitor your listing. We’ll pay you upfront and take it from there.

Owner of Rebridal, offering preowned Wedding Dresses
Aly Faucett, the brains behind Rebridal

What motivates you to continue to build the Rebridal brand day after day?

I think the bridal fashion industry is in dire need of disruption for two main reasons, and I believe Rebridal can help:

  1. The environmental impact of single-use fashion. It takes about 2,377 gallons of water to make one wedding dress that will eventually live in the back of your closet or end up in a landfill. Choosing preowned wedding dresses instead is beneficial for both the planet and your wallet.
  2. The wedding attire double standard for women. It isn’t the norm for men to purchase high-end tuxedos for their wedding day, so why is the same expected of women? If spending thousands on a dress isn’t your style, you should have a viable alternative. 

Tell us a little bit about how the at-home try-on works.

Buying a preloved dress shouldn’t mean compromising a memorable bridal shopping experience – that’s why we offer the Bridal Bundle. Brides can choose up to three dresses to include in a bundle and pay $100 upfront (shipping included). We’ll send over your picks so you can try them on at home and get opinions from your friends and family. Using the prepaid shipping label, send back the dresses that didn’t work out within five business days. The $100 deposit will go toward the price of your new dream dress. If you didn’t find the one, try again! Pick a new set of preowned wedding dresses to bundle and only pay shipping costs. Your deposit will be saved until you find the right fit.

Preowned Enzoani Wedding Dress
A Rebridal, Enzoani Wedding Dress

What are you hoping to accomplish for your clients with your services?

I want brides that shop with Rebridal to feel like they have a choice instead of feeling pressure to make a sizeable financial commitment to a dress. I hope they feel empowered to choose an alternative that will make them feel just as confident and beautiful on their wedding day. I have always had a passion for weddings – I even went to college as an event planning major! I think being part of the best day of someone’s life is a tremendous honor. With Rebridal, I still get to have a piece of that.

What do you do to enjoy doing to decompress at the end of the day?

I recharge by getting outside. Whether that means sitting on the patio, taking my dog for a walk, or going to the beach, you can find me in the sunshine!

Rebridal, Preowned Wedding Dresses

Here at Amethyst Event Productions, we strive to create sustainably conscious events and even have specific packages tailored to clients with similar aspirations. Check out our different package offerings here, and feel free to contact us for more information! And finally, we urge you to follow Rebridal on Instagram at @rebridaldresses to get sneak peeks of their new inventory!

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