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Today, we’re introducing you to Amy Powell, the founder of Attainable – a Los Angeles based company providing sustainable consulting and coaching. Attainable offers virtual and in-person coaching and consulting for individuals and small businesses alike. Its mission is to empower better, more sustainable choices in daily lives and operations. So people in Los Angeles and their own local communities can be sustainable and thrive.

Before building Attainable, Amy was deeply entrenched in the events and hospitality industry. She worked in a variety of roles from venue and project operations to client service relations. Amy also worked with community engagement and development. The common denominator across Amy’s non-linear career path is Our Planet and her profound, self-induced responsibility for helping her thrive. Attainable was born out of Amy’s eco-conscious passion for creating an environmental impact business. Her mission is to create an inclusive platform that connects individuals and small businesses to better choices. So that collectively, we can take empowered, sustainable action today to thrive together tomorrow and for generations to come.

At Amethyst Event Productions, we love highlighting sustainable companies. We’re thrilled to showcase the passion behind Attainable. And the different ways Amy encourages sustainable practices in our daily lives.

Amy Powell of Attainable a Sustainable Los Angeles Based Company

How did Attainable come to be?

With more and more data coming out around the negative impacts humans have on the environment, particularly around industrial practices and consumerism, I remember how important nature was to me as a child – playing outside all day, enjoying time on the coast and at the beach, hiking and swimming in lakes. I realize that if we as a society continue consuming as we have been, younger generations will not have the same experience and connection to nature that I did. I want to help transform the current path we’re on. Empowering individuals to detach from material things and the need to consume. So that all communities can come together to help Our Planet thrive. 

What sets Attainable apart from other eco-focused companies?

To help Our Planet, I am focused on empowering, inspiring, and connecting individuals to what truly makes them happy. So we can thrive hand-in-hand with Our Planet for generations to come. To do this, I’m currently offering a coaching program to help people who regularly look for happiness in external places – either material or physical things. I want to help you detach from all of it. To connect more deeply with yourself and cultivate true happiness from within. I want you to live an abundant, enjoyable life and thrive without the material mess. If anyone is interested, I’m here to talk!

What is the motivation behind Attainable?

I am motivated by the thought leaders and brands who are working tirelessly as pioneers in this global movement. Their motivation and their innovative, creative work keep me motivated to keep going. And it pushes me to stay optimistic, be creative, and find new ways of reaching and educating people about sustainable practices. And finding their true happiness to thrive.

ATTAINABLE: Los Angeles based Sustainable Company

Tell us about how you transitioned from working in the events industry to helping companies and individuals become more sustainable.

The events industry gave me the exposure I needed to understand how much waste can be created over 3 days (it’s A LOT!). And in the same breath, the industry taught me that it doesn’t have to be that way. Some of the 3-day festivals I worked on initiated composting programs onsite. And they also engaged with attendees around ways to be more sustainable at the event and at home. These initiatives illuminated my passion for sustainability and how I wanted it to be my main focus in business, not just a piece of it.

What are you hoping to accomplish for your clients with your services?

I want to help my clients learn and achieve happiness by cultivating it from within. Instead of seeking happiness from new purchases, material items, and consumer culture. As soon as we can detach from material things, we can find clarity, abundance, and love. We can truly thrive and help those around us thrive too.

Many of us use reusable bags when shopping. However, given our current situation with COVID-19, many grocery stores aren’t allowing this. Do you have any tips on how we can implement sustainability in our daily lives while we’re socially distancing at home?


  • For grocery stores, I say be ambitious and bold, and even though you think your market is not allowing bags, bring yours anyway and ASK if it’s ok to use them. Some grocery stores are letting them. And if they don’t, it’s totally ok to tell the checker “no bag” and roll your items out to your car in your shopping cart. Bag(s) saved!
  • Apply this type of thinking to other things in your life too, especially when it comes to being more sustainable + ways to use less material, product, single-use – ASKING never hurts and get creative. Consumer culture and marketing are founded on the notion that we will buy more. Save money, don’t buy-in. 
  • For food delivery, since you’re eating at home, make sure to add in the delivery notes: NO utensils, sauces, napkins, etc. 
  • And better yet – try cooking at home! Even if it’s a simple meal, cooking at home is way cheaper, there is way less packaging/ single-use plastic, and it can be FUN! Start following What’s Gaby Cookin for inspiration.
Photo Credit: Franck injapan

What are you passionate about, apart from sustainability?

In life, I love experiences. Exploring new cities and traveling, enjoying delicious farm-to-table food, seeing live comedy, dancing to house and techno music. I am also very passionate about social justice – specifically the BLM movement and gender equality. My work relies on everyone coming together as a global community to help Our Planet thrive. That work cannot truly start until our communities can come together and recognize and treat everyone with equal respect.

What do you do to chill out at the end of the day?

Taking a long walk, usually right around sunset. And if you don’t find me there, I’ll be cooking dinner and listening to music. Or taking a sound healing class (Roxie Sound Healing on IG Live has been my favorite for the last several months). 

What’s in the works for Attainable?

Hosting an ATTAINABLE brunch experience series. Where we will gather Los Angeles women together over farm-to-table food in an outdoor setting while hearing from a sustainable thought leader! The brunch experience was in the works for several weeks up until March 2020. I’m excited to get it started again soon!

You can follow along with Attainable on Instagram here, or take the first step to an inspired future on Attainable’s website here.



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