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For March’s Partner Spotlight, we’re excited to introduce Ryan Kluttz – marriage advocate – and the story behind A Mindful Bride.

Ryan Kluttz, the owner of Ink Topiary, has been a talented stationery designer for 10 years who has had her work published in the top wedding blogs. After almost a decade of owning Ink Topiary, Ryan brought A Mindful Bride to life. Though Ryan has always had a passion for weddings and paper, she always knew the importance of prioritizing the marriage that comes at the end of a wedding. The core focus of A Mindful Bride is to show the importance of nurturing a marriage from the beginning to avoid issues in the future.

We are so excited to feature this superstar mom, wife, and marriage advocate!

Wedding stationery and marriage advocate Ryan Kluttz

Tell us a little about yourself, Ryan

I’ve been designing stationery for 10 years! My husband and I have been married for almost 13 years. We have 2 beautiful daughters and one cute goldendoodle puppy.

Tell us the story behind A Mindful Bride and how you came to be a marriage advocate.

Once I had a decade of stationery design under my belt, I really felt a pull to be able to offer brides a resource to relieve stress and bring their focus back to their future marriage. There’s a lot for a bride to do and it can be overwhelming! A lot of brides would confide in me with other wedding-related stresses and I felt like I couldn’t offer much as their stationery designer. A Mindful Bride allows me to offer what they need in a gentle and loving way.

Invitation Suite wedding stationery with blush flowers green ribbon

What are you hoping to accomplish with A Mindful Bride?

My ultimate goal with A Mindful Bride is to bring down the divorce rate.

Husband and wife B&W_marriage advocate Ryan Kluttz

What fuels your passion for helping build a lasting marriage?

My husband and I have been married almost 13 years and have learned that you don’t just get married and then have an effortless marriage like all movies lead us to believe. Above all, a marriage needs to be maintained and nurtured always. We had a bit of the ‘happily ever after’ notion in our heads when we got married and we suffered because of it. Having made it to the other side of our struggles to find out what it really means to be partners in life for life, I wanted to share my insight and tools to help brides right out of the gate. We have 2 ways to learn. Through pain or through wisdom. Sometimes the wisdom can only be gained through pain but I prefer to learn things without pain as often as possible. Don’t we all?

Marriage advocate Black and white family photo

What are you passionate about other than wedding stationery and being a marriage advocate?

DOGS. Ok obviously my family but seriously, DOGS 🙂 If I see a dog, I have to pet it (I always ask of course!). When I imagine my husband and I growing old together, there is also a pack of dogs involved.

What do you enjoy doing to decompress at the end of the day?

I love to read! Either personal development, puppy training, business or Harry Potter. 

Wedding stationery Invitation suite rust and blush

Ryan is such a talented creator as well as a marriage advocate. To learn more about becoming more mindful in your engagement and wedding planning process, subscribe to A Mindful Bride. You can even snag a free gift when you sign up for emails on the site!

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