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Our first partner spotlight of the decade is on vegan caterer, Pink Salt Cuisine. We’re excited to introduce you to a company that is passionate about making a positive impact on our planet all while enticing our taste buds.

Trumpet Mushroom Scallops by Pink Salt Cuisine
Pink Salt Cuisine’s Trumpet Mushroom Scallops

Vegan Caterer Pink Salt Cuisine is owned and operated by a team of three women – Joyce, Hope and Melissa. They started working together in 2013, four years before the idea of Pink Salt Cuisine was even conceived. At the time, Hope and Joyce were working at a catering company and Melissa was their client. Through the years they all continued to work with each other in some capacity when in October of 2017 Hope expressed her interest to focus her culinary talent solely on vegan cuisine. By February 2018, Pink Salt Cuisine was up and running!

Pink Salt Cuisine has gone through quite a journey in just a short time and today, we’re excited to share their journey with you!

The Pink Salt Cuisine Team
Pink Salt Cuisine: Melissa, Hope, and Joyce

What sets Pink Salt Cuisine apart from other vegan catering options?

As one of the only catering companies in southern California not serving animal products, we have the unique opportunity to create beautiful food that redefines how people view vegan cuisine. We’re not just salads and pasta – we showcase whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and legumes to create a culinary experience. We also work hard to decrease our environmental impact at each event by composting and recycling waste. We also donate unserved food and florals to local organizations.

What fuels your passion for cuisine, specifically vegan cuisine?

We know what it’s like to go out to a restaurant or attend an event and be offered a vegan plate of rice and steamed vegetables while everyone else has a beautifully plated entree. It happens quite frequently for us, so we set out to elevate the vegan experience for others.

We are constantly inspired by international flavors – whether it’s from traveling or visiting restaurants throughout southern California – and have a lot of fun creating menus that reflect those experiences.

Vegan Charcuterie and Cheese Board by Pink Salt Cuisine
Pink Salt Cuisine: Vegan Charcuterie and Cheese Board

How do you incorporate sustainability into Pink Salt Cuisine?

Initially, we planned on minimizing our use of plastic and food waste in the kitchen, while also finding ways to donate unserved food to local charities. As we continued to develop our process, we learned so much more about sustainability and realized this was just the tip of the iceberg for us.

Now, sustainability is a core value for all us at Pink Salt Cuisine. We have composting and recycling stations at all our events. And, we educate our team, so they know exactly which items belong in each bin. We also make sure that any disposables we use can be responsibly composted or recycled. In addition, we work with event partners who implement sustainability practices in their own business. From florists who use eco-friendly materials to planners who encourage their clients to eliminate single-use plastics from their events. We all play a role in saving our planet.

Pink Salt Cuisine's Sustainability Bin Signs
Pink Salt Cuisine: Sustainability Bin Signs

Other than vegan cuisine, what are you passionate about?

Food is a huge thing for us, but we are also equally passionate about supporting women and women-owned businesses. The saying goes “a woman’s place is in the kitchen”. Surprisingly, there aren’t very many women leading professional kitchens. We’ve met female executive chefs and business owners who have experienced significant issues based solely on their gender. Experiences like being sexually harassed by co-workers to being denied business loans because a man wasn’t co-signing for them. As a 100 percent female-owned company, we hope to change that dialogue and inspire others.

We are also passionate about our planet, which is why we are also a sustainable and zero-waste company. It is our intention to execute delicious events that do not leave a carbon footprint. We have seen a lot of waste in our industry and we have chosen to be the leaders in this area as well.

What do you all enjoy doing to decompress at the end of the day?

For all of us, we find peace and tranquility at home. We absolutely believe in self-care, and as business owners, we know how difficult it can be to create work/life balance. Decompressing at the end of the day doesn’t happen all the time – especially when events end late or start early. But we do our best to enjoy our days off, to be present, and to take time for ourselves.

Courtesy of Pink Salt Cuisine

At Amethyst Event Productions, we’ve been able to experience Pink Salt Cuisine’s food first hand. And we can honestly say that each dish is intentionally made to excite your senses and wow your guests. The vegan charcuterie and cheese board is an amazing add-on to any reception. We’d like to thank Pink Salt for their time with us and encourage you to check out Pink Salt Cuisine for your next event!

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