At Amethyst Event Productions, we are passionate about creating sustainable weddings and events with plant-based menus. In our many years of experience in both corporate and social events, we’ve seen the amount of waste that events produce.

The average wedding in Los Angeles with 100 - 200 guests produces around 500 pounds of waste. That is 500 pounds of waste that ends up in landfills and in our oceans, and greatly impacts our environment and marine life. This waste is unnecessary and can be significantly cut down by making a few mindful changes.

These days, most of us know that plastics are extremely harmful to the environment, but what we serve our wedding guests can have an even greater impact. A fully plant-based wedding (100-200 guests) will save upwards of 100 animals, 2,700 square feet of forest, and 100,442 gallons of water just in one event.

With our signature Amethyst Package, we aim to incorporate sustainability into events by minimizing waste, as well as promoting vegan and plant-focused menus to lessen the impact on our planet without compromising design.

We have a curated list of like-minded industry partners who are committed to the same values. Our floral design partners work with locally sourced and sustainable farms, and don’t use harmful floral foam. We work with caterers who specialize in plant-based cuisine and focus on zero waste – they even work with local shelters to donate any unused leftover food at the conclusion of your wedding. We work with event cleaning staff who use eco-friendly cleaning products and will separate your event’s trash into recyclable and green waste. We can even recommend wool-free suit companies and wedding dresses that are eco-friendly and ethically made.

The Amethyst Package is not an all or nothing package. We understand that everyone is at a different place in their journey. We aim to customize our sustainability efforts and make professional and practical suggestions to design your wedding to be as sustainable as you’d like to be! Our Amethyst Package even includes a dedicated sustainability meeting to incorporate sustainable practices without compromising the overall design and aesthetic of your wedding. If vegan menus and sustainable practices are important to you, ask us how we can help incorporate them into your wedding package.

With our Amethyst Package, we also donate a portion of our proceeds each quarter to our favorite animal welfare organizations like Last Chance for Animals and the Gentle Barn.

All our packages are custom designed based on the needs of our clients. Interested in hearing everything else included in this package? Let's chat and we'll talk you through our entire process. 

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